The Pilgrim's Ladder







The Debut Novel by Ryan D. Montoya


A young man is drawn inexorably to the mountains, to seek what is beyond, to know what's on the other side… to discover the fabled City of the Gods. His journey will challenge his understanding of purpose, of the divine, and of the limits, if any, of human experience and knowledge of what may not be seen with the eye, but clearly seen with the heart.



Written by Ryan D. Montoya | Illustrated by Ciara Barsotti

Ryan in the Himalayas, Nepal

Ryan in the Himalayas, Nepal

About the Author

Ryan D. Montoya was born and raised in California and spent his childhood reading, exploring, and making spaceships out of cardboard and tape. He is now a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, pursuing a Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His broader interests include mountaineering and philosophy, and the intersection of the two.



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